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Objets d'Art

A selection of other artists' works, acquired for Athyrium Atelier
displayed here, are also for sale...













Josph Urie linocut

'Man with White Bird'
Japanese Wood cut: Joseph Urie

Untitled black-white Eversleigh Bolster
Untitled Black & White Print
John Banting: 1965
'Figures on a Hillside'
Aldous Eveleigh: Watercolour
Figures - circa 1950's
Bolster: Oil on board
GEBall Beal Chagall
'Gentlemen in Conversation'
G E Ball: Oil on board
'Three Happy Men...'
Keith Beal: Oil on board: 1965
Lithograph of Rabbi
Marc Chagall
Original Linocut: H Adams Orange atmosphere Bowen
Original Linocut
H Adams: 1923
'Orange Atmosphere'
Denis Bowen: 1969: Oil on canvas
Denis Bowen: 1963
Burwell SarahWicks Gibbs
Mixed Media Relief Abstract
William Ernst Burwell: 1911-1974
'Gilded Lily'
Sarah Wicks: 1992
Untitled Abstract Pastel
Jonathan Gibbs: 1988


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